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Our items are crafted by hand and therefore slight differences in size and color may occur in the process making. That’s the uniqueness of being handmade

Milli is our “petite” bag with an acrylic and metallic detachable chain. Inspired by the traditional rocking chairs. Wood is carved and left in its natural color, strands are hand-woven with bright colors inspired in the caribbean. Our bag is very feminine yet has a strong structured design. MEASUREMENTS: 12 (H) X 19 (L) X 5 (W) CM MATERIALS: OAK WOOD, NYLON STRANDS 100% HANDMADE WOODEN, WOVEN, HAND-PAINTED WITH A WASHED TECHNIQUE, UNLINED, MAGNETIC CLOSURE 110 CM ACRYLIC AND METALLIC CHAIN
We recommend storing purses in fabric bags to protect them from dust and control moisture damage.

Avoid exposure to abrasive surfaces, wood is prone to occasional scratching if not handled with proper care. We do not view these marks as defects, they’re completely natural.

Colors will change over time due to exposure to the sun. Exposure to water can weaken the wood and may damage your product. We recommend avoiding rain.

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